An intimate evening with ANTONIO FORCIONE at Brasserie ZEDEL

An intimate evening with ANTONIO FORCIONE at Brasserie ZEDEL

Event date: Mon May 17 2021

Venue: Brasserie Zedel


May 17th 2021
An Intimate evening with Antonio Forcione
Special Guest - Dado Pasqualini- Percussion

a performer of genuine distinction.

‘…Guitar heroics, yes, but with a touch of class.’(Clive Davis) The Times

“...with enough technical wizardry to satisfy even the most demanding virtuosity junkie, but his across-the-board appeal is reflected in a broad-ranging (and often hilarious) mix which takes in jazz, folk, flamenco, ethnic music, pop, rock, classical, and just about everything that comes to mind”

”artistic, intense and formidably inventive, enchanting musical journey thats ever unpredictable celebrating the unexpected elements in life, a music of rare delicacy, humour and passion. Be immersed in a performance of technical brilliance, emotional depth and passion.

“Imagine an Italian hybrid of Michael Hedges, John McLaughlin and Django Reinhardt ... ferocious, rampaging, controlled power, meticulous precision and clarity of expression ... astonishing musical personality"

From the first moment Antonio walks on world stages to rapturous applause, a humble smile on his face, guitar in hand, you know you are in the presence of a true artist and are in for an evening with a touch of magic as the first deep, warm, intense notes float through the audience, you can hear a pin drop and feel the sonic spell of his guitar weaving through the room.

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