Iford Manor Jazz Festival Antonio Forcione & Adriano Adewale

Iford Manor Jazz Festival Antonio Forcione & Adriano Adewale

Event date: Thu Jun 29 2023

Venue: Antonio Forcione & Adriano Adewale - Iford Manor Jazz Festival

Iford Manor Jazz Festival

An evening with

Antonio Forcione and Adriano Adewale DUO bring together two masterful musicians with a unique and exhilarating sound. With their impressive musical prowess and captivating stage presence, this duo is sure to leave audiences spellbound. Antonio's soulful and innovative guitar playing, paired with Adriano's rhythmic percussion, creates a dynamic and electrifying sound that is both passionate and joyful. With their original compositions and impeccable musicianship, this award-winning duo is a must-see for music lovers of all genres.
Antonio Forcione and Adriano Adewale DUO are a match made in musical heaven. Antonio's virtuoso guitar playing and Adriano's masterful percussion create a sound that is both soulful and energetic. With their unique blend of jazz, flamenco, African, and Latin rhythms, this duo is a true original in the world music scene. Their performances are marked by intricate interplay and improvisation, with both musicians pushing each other to new heights of creativity and expression. Come witness the magic of Antonio Forcione and Adriano Adewale DUO - it's a musical experience not to be missed!

Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale is a versatile musician and performer, known for his unconventional and exploratory approach to music, and for his ability to create magical soundscapes from the seemingly banal. In April 2000, Adriano moved to the UK, where he has since established himself as a respected percussionist, composer, educator and band leader. As a composer, Adriano created the sound track for an animation movie based on the fairytale “The Little Red Riding Hood”, has composed for dance companies, and has worked with fine artist Monica de Miranda on the sound installation “Do you hear me”, presented in Lisbon 2007. At the moment he is working on new compositions for two new theatre plays: Ballroom of Joys and Sorrows by Kate Flatt and MOJO from Theatre-Rites.
He has collaborated with several leading musicians including Bobby McFerrin,

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