Sep 15th 2023   Lowestoft Jazz Festival 2023 Antonio Forcione Trio

Sep 15th 2023 Lowestoft Jazz Festival 2023 Antonio Forcione Trio

Event date: Fri Sep 15 2023


Lowestoft Jazz Festival 2023


Matheus Nova - Bass
Jansen Santana - Percussion

The Antonio Forcione Trio is a musical powerhouse, comprising of three incredibly talented musicians who are all masters of their craft. Antonio Forcione leads the group on steel, nylon and fretless guitar, stunning audiences with his unconventional style, incredible virtuosity, and dynamic performances. Matheus Nova provides the perfect bass lines, drawing from his diverse background and upbringing in Brazil, while Jansen Santana rounds out the trio with his exceptional percussion skills and multi-instrumental talents.

Together, the Antonio Forcione Trio delivers a show that is powerful, dynamic, and full of wit, personality, and musical virtuosity. Antonio Forcione, in particular, is an artist in every sense of the word, known for his charismatic presence on stage and his ability to break the mold of most conventional guitar sounds, be it in jazz, Spanish, African, Brazilian or improvised music.

Over the years, Antonio Forcione has released 20 albums of largely original material and has performed in festivals and theaters all over the world, from Australia and Indonesia to the USA, Africa, Canada, Caribbean, Turkey, Lebanon, and all over Europe, especially in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the UK. He has shared the stage and recorded with some of the world’s most accomplished musicians, including Charlie Haden, Angelique Kidjo, Trilok Gurtu, Larry Coryell, Diego el Cigala, and many more.

Jansen Santana, a multi-instrumentalist musician, has been involved in projects with different concepts and music genres, national and international percussion festivals, cultural, and environmental projects. He is known for his passion and dedication to music, and his ability to create magic with his percussion skills.

Matheus Nova is also a well-known musician in the Latin and London music circles, recognized for his ability to “design” astonishing bass lines. He has performed with many groups, including the Brazilian Samba Divas Elza Soares and Alcione.

Overall, the Antonio Forcione Trio is a musical force to be reckoned with, delivering performances that are full of passion, grace, and fire, and leaving audiences spellbound wherever they go.