Celebrity Testimonials

Celebrity Testimonials


“You have a beautiful touch” (Paul McCartney)

“Possessing the skill, flair and stunning technique of Paco de Lucia and John McClaughlin, with the looks of a low rent middle-aged gigolo” (Omid Djalili)

“I hope everyone hears and feels what I have” (Paco de Lucia)

“Forcione creates a whole spectrum of sound that you never thought possible from an acoustic guitar. He brings the guitar to life in a way I’d never seen or heard before, extraordinary. He is unique” (Bill Bailey, comedian)

“delicious!” (Simon Callow, actor)

“Antonio possesses all the qualities of a great artist – a virtuoso who plays from the heart” (Martin Taylor, guitarist, winner of 14 British Jazz Awards)
“When Antonio Forcione plays guitar he becomes three people, Antonio the spiritual, Antonio the mental and Antonio the physical.  He inhabits his instrument like no-one on earth. Watching this man play guitar is like seeing a Dante poem come alive before your eyes, all the laughter, madness, pain, love and ecstacy of the human condition is laid bare, flowing, from the tips of his fingers to the soles of his feet. Literally translated Forcione means ‘The Force is on you”. That’s a lie, but that is what it should mean, because that is what this man is, a force to behold, hands like a tarantula and the heart of a lion... let him eat you alive” Owen (award-winning comedian)

“I love his playing and he’s a great musician” (Charlie Haden, bass)

“Energy, artistry, flair, speed and sheer determination... and that’s just him eating pasta!” (Kate Robbins – singer, actress, comedian)